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We Choose Respect is dedicated to giving parents the information they need to help their kids grow to be happy, healthy and respectful. The show features interviews with authors and parenting experts from around the World. The show's host is Jed Doherty, also known as Jedlie, a former licensed, certified social worker who has been presenting motivational magic shows at schools, churches and public events throughout the US and Puerto Rico since 1983.
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Welcome to the We Choose Respect Podcast!!!

Providing Parents With The Information & Tools They Need To Help Their Kids Grow To Be Happy, Healthy & Respectful


May 18, 2016

In this episode of the We Choose Respect ParentCast we meet Linda Pearlman Gordon. Linda is the author of How To Connect With Your iTeen. This book is the lifeline every Twenty-First century parent or educator needs. This realistic guide shows adults how to reopen communication with “silent” teenage boys and cut through the drama of teenage girls. Written in clear, straightforward language, it offers successful techniques for navigating everything from socially complex issues surrounding sexting and bullying to such everyday challenges around school and homework.

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In this episode we also meet the associate producer of the ParentCast Fatima Kahn. Fatima is with us to share her research into the best ways to show appreciation to teachers.

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May 17, 2016

Find out why this is our most popular episode to date!!! In this family fun episode of the We Choose Respect ParentCast we celebrate young people. Jedlie begins the show by sharing fun moments from a recent performance. We then have a chance to meet two incredibly talented young adults. Our featured guest is up and coming country music artist JessLee. We have featured JessLee in our musical guest spot in the past. Today we delve deeper into JessLee's personal story, discovering how she overcame body image issues, learn helathy eating and exercise habits and what it is like being a young artist in the competitive country music business.

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We also meet Coach Nachi, a talented and inspiring counselor and coach. She shares with us some great tips on how we can use some simple questions to begin meaningful dialogue with our kids.

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May 16, 2016

This episode of the We Choose Respect ParentCast features Akilah Thompson. Akilah is the Founder & Lead Coach of I AM BEAUTY. She is passionate about helping participants fall in love with themselves to discover their passions and purpose and reach their fullest potential. She coaches with rigor, compassion , love and her commitment to using her light to light others. As a teenager and young adult, Akilah experienced low self-esteem, colorism, bullying, physical abuse , suicidal ideation and molestation. She was fortunate to have the support of women who mentored and allowed her to realize that her past did not have to define her future. She went on to graduate Summa Cum Laude from North Carolina A&T State University where she earned Bachelor degrees in Accounting and Business Economics. She spent six years in corporate america working for two of the largest public accounting firms in the world PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP and Deloitte & Touche LP.

In late 2011, Akilah realized she wanted to use her trials as a teen and great success as an adult to support girls and women in reaching their fullest potential. She left a six-figure career and founded ACT Inspires, Inc., in which she uses her talent as a motivational speaker, life coach, fitness guru, actor, model, singer, and author to encourage others to "Release The BEaST...become the BEST you." By doing so, she believes anyone can achieve his or her own unique version of success and happiness.

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We are also joined by our musical guest Helga Kaefer and her song Beautifully Human.

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May 13, 2016

On this episode of the We Choose Respect ParentCast we meet Lucy Ravitch. Lucy is the author of the book The Pancake Menu. Want your kids to have a fun educational experience while they play? This fun and interactive book does just that as kids play restaurant! There's the option of bringing it to life using the tasty pancake recipes. Kids and their teachers or parents print play money and order sheets from to play with! Kids ages 4-10 are sure to have hours of fun! Children as young as 2 enjoy pretending with the book too! With sturdy laminated pages a dry erase marker or smudges can be wiped away! It's a great educational resource and activity for play dates, math centers, or free time with family and friends. Order today for loads of hands-on math play!


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Our favorite vegan chef VeegMama Stephanie Dreyer is back to teach us how to make Matzah Pizza.

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And our music guest is the Boston band Blue Moon Harem.

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May 11, 2016

On this episode of the We Choose Respect ParentCast we meet Brian Schriner. Brian has over 25 years of higher education teaching and transformative experience, and is Dean of the Florida International University College of Architecture + The Arts (CARTA). Under Brians leadership and the faculty members expertise, the Colleges academic programs have ascended to national prominence with a united mission to deploy the power of architecture + the arts to engage the global corporate community to create, innovate, and inspire solutions to social, economic, and environmental problems locally, nationally and internationally.

CARTA has emerged as a forward-thinking college that has effectively partnered with public, private, and non-profit institutions; strategically expanded its footprint to Lincoln Road on Miami Beach; and enthusiastically been embraced and financially supported by its alumni and members of the community.

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We also welcome back our musical guest Melanie Devaney and her song Sink or Swim.

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May 9, 2016

Today on the We Choose Respect ParentCast we welcome Kevin Hall, author of Black Sails, White Rabbits, Cancer Was The Easy Part. Young sailor and aspiring Olympic competitor Kevin A. Hall's biggest dream was to raise a family. But within the space of three years, he was diagnosed with both testicular cancer and bipolar disorder, putting his family and Olympic dreams on hold. He soon found that surviving cancer was the easy part.
At the age of twenty, Hall began experiencing the exhilarating highs and terrifying lows of bipolar disorder--along with delusions that could make his reality seem like a waking nightmare. And in what could have been a final blow, after four years of struggling to provide love and support, his soul mate chose self-preservation and walked away.
Now a renowned Olympic and America's Cup sailor with a wonderful wife and family, Hall shares a behind-the-scenes look at his struggles with mental illness in the riveting memoir Black Sails White Rabbits. In the face of crushing ups and downs, hospitalizations, and family drama, Hall has learned to weather the ever-changing tide of health struggles and personal woes, achieving success despite seemingly impossible odds.
A courageous look at a life filled with overwhelming challenges, this frank and fierce memoir also contains a surprising love story at its core, a tribute to the woman by his side.

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We are also joined by one of our favorite musical guests Kim Krenik. Kim is back in the recording studios. While we are waiting for all the beautiful new music she is working on to debut we can enjoy her great song Infinity Deep.

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May 6, 2016

In this episode of the We Choose Respect ParentCast we meet one of the most versitile and talented actors in Hollywood, E G Daily. Currently is EG is best known for her work as the voice behind some of your most beloved characters including Tommy PIckles on the Emmy award-winning “Rugrats” She can also be heard as the voice of Buttercup in “The Powerpuff Girls” animated series, as Babe in “Babe – Pig in the City”, and as Rudy Tabootie in Nickelodeon’s “Chalkzone”. EG has also had a great acting career having appeard in Valley Girl and Friends. She has recently released her one woman show Listen Closely and an incredible voice actors seminar through Amazon.

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We are also joined by our Family Fun Friday Favorites Veeg Mama Stephanie Dreyer and Chris Hardy.

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Travel to the always fun and often strange chrishardyworld

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May 4, 2016

Dr David Simonsen has been in practice helping families for over 15 years. We know that parenting is hard. From the moment children take their first breaths, parents are faced with decisions and choices that no manual could ever fully explain. And the way you parent is constantly changing: babies need protection, toddlers need direction, and teens need influence. We as parents are simply expected to do it and do it well. David and his co author Daniel Bates, who have a combined 25 years of experience working with families have created a new kind of parenting book. This book doesn’t focus on technique, a discipline scheme or parenting style. This book focuses on the parent themselves, specifically the kind of thinking that makes parents effective or ineffective. In "When Parenting Backfires" examines 12 thinking errors commonly made by parents.

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We are also joined by Jonas Woods who will be a part of the Evening of Mystery & Music to benefit the St Mary of the Hills Shattuck Shelter Ministry.

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May 2, 2016

In this episode of the We Choose Respect ParentCast we welcome Bethanie Nonami. Bethanie is a wife, mom, and active youth mentor in Junior Acheivement. Bethanie is passionate about educating people on the importance of keeping their digital memories safe. With 25 years experience in technology, she is building a software company to help families have a safe and accessible place to store their digital assets. After being a caregiver for her Mom, Bethanie struggled to find a way to keep her Mom's legacy safe to pass on to her own children. Bethanie quickly found that it is not only hard to do but not protected by law if something happened to her. Bethanie is going to share ways to help you keep these invaluable memories safe in case something tragic happens to ensure your life is safe and accessible for your family.

Click here to access all of great resources available on Bethanie's web site

We are also joined by one of our favorite musical guests Jonas Woods. Jonas will be a part of a special evening of mystery and music to support the homeless ministry of St Mary of the Hills Church in Milton, MA

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Apr 29, 2016

In this Family Fun Friday episode of the We Choose Respect ParentCast we welcome our featured guest Patricia May. Patricia is the author of the ten-book collection, A Seashell Meditation for Children. Patricia's books offer a new and exciting way to introduce children to the world of meditation, using a short story rhyme in the form of a guided meditation while the child holds a seashell up to their ear, as a tool for focus and fun.

Find out more at Patricia's Web Site

Our favorite Vegan Chef, VeegMama Stephanie Dreyer is here with another totally delicious & totally interactive recipe for us to create with our kids.

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And our buddy Chris Hardy returns as our musical guest.

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Apr 27, 2016

Two of our most popular guests, Kathy Taberner and her daughter Kirsten Siggens are back to tell us about a great new program they are offering at the institute of curiosity! It is a brand new video class for parents that will help them understand what a curious conversation is & how it can eliminate conflict, The BIG mistakes you must avoid that can hurt your relationship and your child’s future (you may be doing them now!), Three essential skills needed for effective parenting (skills that will give your child a leg up on others), How to stay COOL when thing heat up – yup, drama free conversations & What makes curiosity so unique & why it is essential to your child’s future and your families happiness.

Visit to learn more

We are also joined by teenage author Bronte Huskinson who tells how she struggled with body image issues and choose to deal with those issues by entering a modeling competition.

Check out Bronte's Book Never Mind My Thigh Gap

And our musical guest is our friend Jonas Woods.

Check out all of Jonas fantastic music here

Join us for a night of Mystery & Music to help the Homeless

Apr 25, 2016

Today we have a great conversation with David Chatfield, the author of Taking Control, Cracking the Code to Happiness. Do you feel out of control, depressed, stuck, disillusioned, defeated, rejected, dejected, afraid, confused? If so, David's book will help you take back control of your life and give you the key to crack the code to happiness. You can get what you want, be the person you want to be, and most of all, you can be happy. The lessons in this book are time-proven, reliable, easy and fun. You will learn to live with integrity and gain the trust and confidence of your friends and family. You will learn about positive and healthy relationships, how to form them and how to maintain them. You will learn how to disconnect from toxic relationships. You will learn how to get what you want out of life. You will learn how to lose all types of fear. You will learn not to take yourself too seriously, not to settle for less than you want, and how to take disappointments and turn them into opportunities.

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We are also joined by our musical guest Kat Perkins, a contestant on Season 6 of The Voice.

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Apr 22, 2016

In her ground breaking book, Balanced & Barefoot, Angela Hanscom, a pediatric occupational therapist and founder of TimberNook shows how outdoor play and unstructured freedom of movement are vital for children’s cognitive development and growth, and offers tons of fun, engaging ways to help ensure that kids grow into healthy, balanced, and resilient adults.

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We are also joined by VeegMama Stephanie Dreyer who shares her vegan cookies and cream milk shake secrets.

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And Chris Hardy gets us to shakes our heads like a rattle!"

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Apr 20, 2016

Daniele Bolleli is a college professor, author, father & cage fighter. His new book, Not Afraid, is a meditation on facing fear, heartbreak, and mortality. In his own irreverent and inimitable style, Daniele Bolelli tells the story of his courtship and marriage, which would have been a sweet story had not all hell broken loose. Or as he puts it, “Hell was a ninja who entered my house without being seen. It all began in such an unremarkable way that it barely registered as anything meaningful. Little did I know that the experiences of the next five months would rip me apart and kill me. They would re-forge me into a different man. On that day, I became an unwilling traveler on a journey through the heart of fear. Every step along the way has forced me to face my fears time and time again.”

Find Daniele's Not Afarid book on Amazon

We are also joined by the amazing Donica Knight.

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Apr 18, 2016

Jacqueline TD Huynh is the author of the Amazing Itty Bitty Book on Family Leadership. This is a great book that is filled with 15 simple tips that successful companies use that families can use in their homes. Listeners are invited to email Jacqueline at at I will email them a link to receive a free video download to “Family Harmony: Avoid the 3 Massive Mistakes Parents Make That Create Chaos and Repel Their Children”.

Click here to purchase Jacqueline book on amazon

We are also joined by singer songwriter Jonas Woods. Jonas will be a part of the Remembering Donna event to raise funds for the Shattuck Shelter Ministry of St Mary of the Hills Parish.

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Join Us To Remember Donna with a Night of Mystery & Music

Apr 15, 2016

What an amazing, all star Family Fun Friday Show we have for you today. Robin Booth joins us with an incredible simple yet oh so important way to help our kids learn to be polite.

Visit Robin's Wed Site for More Great Parenting Tips

VeegMama Stephanie Dreyer helps us get our kids into the kitchen to create a healthy Avacado Sandwich.

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Of course once we eat we need to burn off those calories, and Renaud Alexandre is here to teach us how to do Goblet Squats.

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And who better than to do Goblet Squats with but our buddy Chris Hardy!

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Apr 13, 2016

Tracee Sioux is a Spiritual Business and Life Coach. She is the author of the book "Soul Vs Ego Smackdown!" and loves to ask folks what would you be able to do if you said yes to everything you spirit called you to do? We had a fun and fascinating conversation.

Check out Tracee Sioux's web site

We are also joined by our friend from the great state of Maine Dean Richardson. Dan has an indiegog campaign to raise fiunds for a new full length album he is planning on recording in Nashville next month.

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Apr 11, 2016

Jill Savage is an author and speaker who is passionate about encouraging families. She is the author of seven books including Professionalizing Motherhood, My Hearts At Home, Real Moms…Real Jesus, Living With Less So Your Family Has More, and her most recent bestselling release No More Perfect Moms.

Featured on Focus on the Family,, and as the host of the Heartbeat radio program, Jill is the founder and director of Hearts at Home, an organization that encourages moms. Jill and her husband, Mark, have five children, three who are married, two granddaughters and one grandson. They make their home in Normal, Illinois.

Visit Jill's Hearts At Home web site

Our musical guest is Zolo who is here to share his brand new song "Brand New".

Check out Zolo's Sound Cloud Page!

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Apr 8, 2016

Alison Kero is the founder and driving force behind ACK Organizing. Having the ability to be organized can improve your quality of life in so many ways. Helping our kids learn to be organized is a great gift that will help them acheive more in school and their professional life.

Visit the ACK Organizing Home Page

We are also joined by our friend VeegMama Stephanie Dreyer who teaches us how to get into our totally interactive kitchens to create yummy Sweet Potato Chips.

The place to cool for cool plant based recipes -

Renaud Alexandre then joins us to help us burn off those Sweet Potato Calories with good old fashioned, but properly executed, push ups.

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And we end our family fun Friday episode with music from our buddy Chris Hardy.

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Come On Out For A NIght Of Mystery & Music

Apr 6, 2016

Dave Closson is the assistant Director at the Illinois Higher Education Center (IHEC) an agency that provides professional development, assessment, program planning, evaluation, consultation visits and host training related to alcohol, drug and violence prevention. The IHEC mission is “To reduce negative health and safety consequences to Illinois college students related to alcohol, other drugs and violence and to increase college and community environmental factors that support healthy and safe norms.”

He previously worked as an Eastern Illinois University Police Officer and served as the department’s Crime Prevention Officer. While serving in this role, he gave presentations to over 7,500 students, faculty and professional staff on topics ranging from Motivational Interviewing, Bystander Intervention, Alcohol/Drug Safety, Sexual Assault Prevention and Conflict Resolution. Dave joins us on the ParentCast to share ideas on the many ways we can help our collage age kids make healthy choices.

Lots of great information available at

We are also joined by our great friend Jonas Woods. Jonas will be appearing with Jedlie on May 7th at St Mary of the Hills Parish for a night of Mystery & Music to support the church's Ministry to homeless men and women.

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Apr 4, 2016

Angela is an autodidact, a self-taught person, and has spent the past four years educating herself on the mind and how it works. She has spent the past few years discovering new and effective ways to accomplish living her dreams.

Visit Angela's Creating The Mind Now Blog

We are also joined by Kory Livingstone. Kory is a multi talented musician, singer based in Toronto. Kory talks about the power of quiet determination and how learning to play an instrument can help improve kids' grades and SAT scores.

Visit Kory's web page

Speaking of music, our musical guest is Sarah Kervin.

Great music is at

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Apr 1, 2016

On today's Family Fun Friday edition of the We Choose Respect ParentCast we meet Dr. Kevin Ross Emery, a sought after leader, innovator, author, teacher, synergetic catalyst, speaker, and an expert in the ADD/HD field. He has worked for such companies as American Express, Dartmouth College, Hilton, and Sheraton. In the 80’s, he was a driving force for the creation and implementation of training programs in the banking, retail, food and financial service industries.

Visit Dr Kevin Ross Emory's Home Page

We also welcome back our friend Veeg Mama Stephanie Dreyer and her Vegan BLT recipe.

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Fitness expert Renaud Alexandre from Phoenix Fitness Squared is here to teach us a fun High Intensity Training Cardio workout for families.

Visit Renaud on his facebook page

And Chris Hardy is here with another great fun song.

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Mar 30, 2016

LEGACY OF WISDOM is the great new book by Gabrielle V. Taylor. Gabrielle's book tells a journey into the development of wisdom, and the path of that legacy through generations, as seen through the lens of a profound relationship between a grandmother and granddaughter. Practical scientific research and multi-generational family stories come together to offer a complex look at what the word "wisdom" truly represents, how individuals develop it, and how we pass it on.

Visit Gabrielle's Web Site

We are also joined by singer songwriter Jonas Woods.

Lots of Great Music at Jonas Woods beautiful web site


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Mar 28, 2016

Today's guest on the We Choose Respect ParentCast is author Shannon Love. Shannon Love, a seemingly happy woman, through unforeseen circumstances, falls into a critical psychotic state, while living in Beijing, China. Enchanted by a voice in her head, she becomes suspicious of humanity--most of all Charles, her husband, believing he wishes her dead. Shannon's hallucination, along with relentless delusions, send her into a state of terror, landing her in a Chinese psychiatric hospital, as the only foreigner. Then, after sinking deeper into madness, she must be evacuated to the U.S. for intense treatment. Meanwhile, her husband, with his undying love, holds firm to his matrimonial vow "for better or for worse," and never gives up on his wife--even through the turmoil of a relapse. Shannon eventually returns to him as her sane self but concedes that she may have never broken free, if not for his eternal devotion. This is an incredible story, and can help us develop more empathy for folks with mental illness.

Be sure to visit Shannon's website

We are also joined by our good friend Chris Hardy.

You can find lots of great music on Chris Hardy World

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Mar 25, 2016

Mike Ferry is a teacher and author of the book Teaching Happiness and Innovation. He believes that whether you are a parent, a grandparent, or a teacher, you want kids to find happiness and success in life. He believes that happy and creative kids will develop the new businesses, works of art, technologies, medical advances, and public policies that bring us to a more peaceful and sustainable world.

Great Information & Music at Mike Ferry's Website

We are also joined by one of our favorite guests VeegMama Stephanie Dreyer who will teach us how to make Gnocchi Pomodoro.

Be sure to check out Stephanie's web site

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